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Soul Awaking

with soul teas and sprays to access and raise your frequency and integrate your new Higher Light Self as you continue to soar…

Let in the Light

It's actually pretty simple.
You are increasing in light frequency - it's hard not to at this time.
The Earth is shifting and you are being asked to shift with it into your 5th Dimension and 7th Dimensional self.
If you are choosing to go with it and rise, the tools here will help you break through the denser blocks and let the Light through...

Ancient medicine...

Herbal Amulets

Herbal amulets have been used since ancient times for protection and healing. Our herbal amulets are cute as can be and pack a healing punch.  

Soul Awaking

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The Energy

Of Herbs

We are familiar with using herbs for physical ailments and disease, however herbs have a special magic all of their own… 

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