Awaken & Spirit


Feel like you’ve just woken from a deep slumber and smelt the ether but you don’t know exactly where you are, who you are, or who’s making the coffee?  The Awaken box is for you.

Your Soul has been preparing for this for lifetimes and you can access the experiences and knowledge you’ve amassed to support your Soul’s growth in this lifetime.  Awaken Tea helps you access your ancient wisdom and infuses ease into this time of transition, transformation and awaking and Spirit Spray encourages the belief that you are the Universe and the Universe is you.

Awakening comes at the beginning of each ascension no matter where you are at on the journey – from 3D to 5D to 7D or beyond.

It’s time to Awaken and be one with the Universe.



The Awaken & Spirit Kit includes the Awaken 100% Herb Infusion Tea (20g) and the Spirit Spray (100ml).
Also included is an ‘Awaken Light Code’ for use in meditation and healing, as well as access to the Awaken Light Language activation and healing meditation.
Tea Ingredients: Apple, Passion Flower, Thyme, Rosemary, Lavender, Mallow Flower.

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