Awaken & Spirit Kit


Feel like you’ve just woken from a deep slumber and smelt the ether but you’re not sure where you are, who you are, or who’s making the coffee?  Awaken is for you. Spirit Spray encourages the belief I am the Universe and the Universe is Me.

Combined, Awaken Tea and Spirit Spray will help you access your ancient wisdom and infuses ease into this time of transition, transformation and awaking. Awakening comes at the beginning of each ascension – no matter where you are at on the journey from 3D to 5D or even 7D.

I’m ready to Awaken and be one with the Universe



The benefit of combining Awaken Tea and Spirit Spray is to truly embrace what the Universe is asking you to do at this time. Don’t lose this opportunity – the world is quickening and you don’t want to be left behind…

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