Believe & Accept


Been awake for a while but each time you explore your spirituality you find you fall back to sleep – only to awake and fall back to sleep again? Believe is for you.

We’ve been convinced over thousands of years to think we’re not worthy or special enough, but it just isn’t true. You are unique and special, with your own brand of magic, and it’s time to embrace it.

If it’s time to accept who you truly are and step into it, to let go of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from embracing your truest self – the self you’ve always known is in you – let the Believe Tea and Accept Spray support and nurture you as you leap, knowing the Universe will catch you.

It’s time to Believe and accept your truest self.



The Believe & Accept Kit includes the Believe 100% Herb Infusion Tea (20g) and the Accept Spray (100ml).

Also included is an ‘Believe Light Code’ for use in meditation and healing, as well as access to the Believe Light Language activation and healing meditation.

Tea Ingredients: Angelica Root, Sacred Lotus Petal, Plantain, Violet Leaf, Fennel Seed.

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