Letting Go


Letting Go is a limited edition tea made to help lighten the density of our Multi-Dimensional Being.

We are being asked to let go of what keeps us DENSE. There is a lightness to us that isn’t something to be bargained or given away.

Our ‘Density Body’ exists on all of our dimensional levels and works like a scale – we can be less dense or we can be more dense. By checking in with each of our 12 Dimensions and assessing how dense we are in each dimension, can assist us to feel free and light. It’s especially effective when releasing very old patterns.

Use Letting Go tea to help move heavy emotions associated with bitterness, disappointment, fear and pain from all of your Dimensions.




Letting Go 100% Herb Infusion Tea (20g).
Ingredients:  Nettle, Yarrow, Cleavers, Celery Seed, Fennel Seed, Lotus Petals, Passion Flower, Elderberry, Calendula Petals and Blue Pea Flowers.